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(Courtesy of www.wolfenkennel.com - United States American Wolf Dog Association)

“Wolves and wolf hybrids are not the pet for everyone. They must be contained in a secure pen because they can be escape artists. Caution must be used with small children – these animals play rough and often cannot be taught to inhibit their rough behaviour. They are also very protective of food and possessions. Most states require permits for these animals and in some states they cannot be owned at all.
We enjoy wolf dogs – they are sensitive, intelligent and affectionate. They are naturally hardy and are rarely prone to health problems or genetic disorders.
Have we convinced you that wolf dog ownership is not for you?”
A wolf hybrid is the “creation” of a new species.
Canis Lupus and Canis Familiaris – the wolf and the dog – once mixed, one creates a hybrid. Wolf dogs are VERY special animals, with specialised needs that require more attention and work than an ordinary domestic dog

The Lupus Foundation is against hybridising. It is not the animal – but rather the potential owners – that we have a problem with. NOT ALL hybrid owners are aware of the animals needs, nor are they sufficiently knowledgeable on the subject of wolves or hybrids when they purchase these animals.

In the end, it is the animal that suffers!
Usually by the time the animal has out-grown the “cute puppy” stage, the owners realise that they have a “difficult” animal on their hands. Not knowing what to do with them, they are usually “farmed out” to unsuspecting new owners, euthanaised or abandoned.

Help us to prevent further hybridising in South Africa. Help us keep the genetic strain of the wolves that are in South Africa – pure. Teach your children the dangers of removing an animal from its natural habitat. Show them the sad pictures of animals that have to live out their lives in cages – because of OUR actions.

Tell your friends and any potential hybrid buyer of the dedication, love and extremely hard work that is required in order to meet this animals needs. Spread the word! The more the public are aware of the dangers of owning a hybrid, the sooner we can cut or slow down the “gravy train” the cross breeders are on.

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